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A range of feel-good, uplifting books that focus on positivity and optimism.Life is full of everyday stresses, and in the digital age, it seems that it is only becoming more and more stressful as technology evolves.Want a pick me up from all the negativity during these unprecedented times?My latest release #effinmoments, as described by Tim Watson-Munro, Criminal Psychologist. - "A lighthearted book that demonstrates that everyday effinmoments are experienced by us all."


We are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety in the community. With this, the idea of a book around #effinmoments was conceived. Demonstrating that we have all had such moments.
Containing in excess of one hundred and thirty #effinmoments, that will leave you resonating with the experience upon every page turn.

Book Launch
The Need To Know For Police Applicants

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An article that appeared in A Career In STEM Magazine in 2022