A Cybercrime Fiction Novel with a difference Coming in August 2023

"Tower 51: The Most Connected Building in the World Where There Are No Secrets" is a thrilling fictional novel about the dangers of technology and the lengths people will go to in order to protect their secrets. The story is set in Tower 51, a highly advanced and prestigious residential building in Sydney, Australia, where the latest in IoT technology and security systems have been implemented to keep the residents and their secrets safe.The book follows the adventures of the building's residents, including the IoT Whisperer, a young and talented hacker who specializes in exploiting vulnerabilities in the connected devices within Tower 51. Despite her youth, the IoT Whisperer has quickly made a name for herself in the underground hacking community and has caused chaos and disruption with her successful hacks.Another key character is Agent Thomas Wood, a 58-year-old Federal Agent who is also a qualified lawyer, cybercrime specialist, educator, and national security expert. Agent Wood has been called in to investigate the suspicious activities within Tower 51, and he soon realizes that the building's residents are not who they seem. With the help of his extensive knowledge and experience in cybercrime, Agent Wood sets out to uncover the truth about the residents of Tower 51 and to stop the IoT Whisperer from causing any more harm.The residents of Tower 51 include the flamboyant Daktari Knight, an Instagram influencer with 2 million followers and owner of the resident dog Jessie; the sticky-nosed resident known for always sticking her nose where it doesn't belong; and many others with questionable histories. The building's live-in superintendent adds an extra layer of complexity to the story, as he is known to know everyone's personal business and adds to the overall tension.As the story unfolds, readers are taken on a thrilling journey through the world of technology, hacking, and secrets, and they will find themselves drawn into the complex web of lies and intrigue that surrounds Tower 51. With its vivid characters, gripping plot, and thought-provoking themes, "Tower 51: The Most Connected Building in the World Where There Are No Secrets" is a must-read for anyone who loves a good cybercrime thriller.

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